About Studio

EthericStudio.com is a tiny, one-man personal and spiritual development studio based in Poland. I offer and specialize in facilitating, online and in-person, one-to-one development sessions. I work using Spiritual Technologies – revolutionary, cutting-edge and most of all practical methods for true and meaningful personal and spiritual transformation. Spiritual Technologies are a series of astoundingly fast, effective and very versatile processes.

I’m here to avail skilled assistance and support during the process of personal and spiritual evolution, promote holistic and practical approach & produce measurable results within one session. My goal is to aid effectively to improve the quality of your personal and spiritual life. Help to resolve emotional and spiritual issues and to transcend self-limiting beliefs. Assist in building greater awareness and acceptance of own feelings, values and talents. Craft ideas into fresh, engaging, relevant inner skills for achieving goals. Restore the state of wholeness and the connectedness of existence. And finally to produce meaningful, valuable and permanent results.

With majority of my Clients I strive to accomplish the objective in one session. I don’t work by the hour. I handle the objective and not the time. You won’t hear, today we’ll deal with half of your issue and tomorrow we’ll do the rest. I’m reachable from any part of the world over the internet. Sessions are run over a secure and encrypted video call similar to skype ensuring strict confidentiality and your peace of mind.

I’ve chosen to name this website EthericStudio – because etheric means the fifth and highest element after air, earth, fire and water; ether was believed to be the substance composing all heavenly bodies, the quintessence of the Universe. All thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations exist on the etheric level, therefore since etheric and physical reality are interconnected, one can interact and tap into etheric realm and have the effects in physical reality. Personally I love when sessions with me allow for experiencing beautiful and profound life changes.

If you’re ready to make a quantum leap in your personal and spiritual development, you are in the right place.

I’m a certified practitioner of many methods of Spiritual Technology. I did my seminars under the watchful eye of Vladimir Stojakovic, one of the first students of Zivorad Slavinski.

Michal Wojcik